Company of the Week – Mallzee Insights

Mallzee started in 2013 initially setting out to build a great consumer shopping experience to make it easier to shop, bringing together all the leading retailers into one simple-to-use app, quickly realising that as well as making shopping better for consumers, there was a much bigger need in the retail industry overall.

The app, the original ‘Tinder for Fashion’, helps people find, compare, save and buy clothes quickly and easily from hundreds of high street retailers and has now been downloaded over 1.5 million times, with tens of millions product interactions every month.

Based on this success and utilising the unique data the apps generate, in 2017 Mallzee launched a series of B2B insight products; under the name of Mallzee Insights. The focus of this offering is to help brands and retailers make better decisions around stock and in turn improve their gross margins. The main offering in this suite is Product Future, which allows companies to test pre-release products in the development cycle with consumers before they commit to costly stock orders. Think of it as A/B testing for clothes. This offering is now used by some of the biggest names in retail and many of the fastest growing emerging brands.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2013 Mallzee has, to date, raised in excess of £5m in investment and grown to a team of 26 based at our city centre offices. They’ve received a range of awards from leading tech publications, been featured in press articles around the world and been selected by Business Insider as one of the hottest startups in Scotland.

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