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Talent comes to us from a variety of backgrounds and for a number of reasons. There is talent from other parts of the UK looking to relocates, locals, graduates and the diaspora.

In our experience we see 5 main reasons. 1) A New Career Opportunity, 2) A Change in Environment, 3) A Better Quality of Life, 4) A New Start and 5) To be Closer to Family.

Employers create a profile and can post jobs to newtown. Talent can apply directly to the hiring company. We offer a range of products including an exec talent network that aims to connect senior executives with 10yrs+ experience with tech companies around the UK.

Tech cities in the UK are thriving with innovative startups being created and global tech companies opening offices, however 65% of tech companies outside of London are reporting a skills shortage with local talent becoming more competitive and expensive to hire. Newtown exists to help companies and ecosystems across the UK attract talent. Our believe is that people are more likely to apply for a job when ecosystem information and company context accompany a job ad.

This I’m afraid is an impossible question to answer. The process of finding a job varies and we do our best to work with employers across the country to bring you the most comprehensive list of jobs.

Yes. We operate a weekly newsletter that you can sign up to here.


Nothing. Whether you’re a grad or an experienced executive you can sign up here to join.

We don’t currently have an official list, but check our tech hub guides to see a selection of companies we rate.

No, we prefer to use your LinkedIn profile as your resume. however if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile then yes, you will need you to submit a CV with your application.

Yes. Relocating is a big decision and often takes time. If you have a full time job we recommend you keep it until we find you the right job.

Applying to newtown is completely free. We make money by when companies advertise their jobs on our platform.


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If you have any other questions relating to Newtown, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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